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What can I say, you have changed the way that I approach stressful situations. When you first told me about the mantra to prepare for meeting difficult people who I would otherwise try and ignore (which would always then lead to a far more difficult/compromised situation) I did think 'this sounds a bit crazy' but my, my has it worked. So many of my issues can be traced from my younger years and the exercises that you showed me opened up who I am as a person, and has opened up my horizons. The meditation, the emails, the pointers have all been of brilliant use and I feel stronger and more confident to tackle the tough situations, as well as life in general. I have truly appreciated all the times we have met, and you have listened, as well as the advice that you have given me.
Thank you Penny!

Anon - July 2018

I think you are a great listener, it is amazing how much you take in without taking too many notes! You also repeat back what I say so that you fully understand where I am coming from, questioning me if you are not sure or if you want to know more which is critical in a coach

The follow up emails you sent were useful, especially when they posed questions to me that I needed to think of in advance of our next session.  I think we learnt on the way how to work together, everyone has a different style so as someone who does like a bit of structure it was useful to know what I needed to prepare to get the most out of our time together

I appreciated you travelling to me to have our sessions, especially in the first couple when I was not in a great place, it made me feel more comfortable being at home

I think it is great you are so passionate about what you do, I envy that as I have lost that in my chosen (for now) industry, you put in lots of time to read around and go on additional courses to ultimately build your skill set and benefit your clients which is great

I appreciated it when you prepared for our sessions e.g. had exercises for us to complete, it meant we got the most out of our time together.

Anon - October 2015

Penny is insightful, switched on, conscientious and humane. Her workshops are welcoming, thoughtful and enjoyable. She provides a safe space to explore issues and her commitment and generous spirit pervades. She shares enough of her own journey to give one hope. Last time we sat in a specially commissioned, comfortable yet intimate meeting room at the Holiday Inn Sutton, provided with note pads, pens, plain mineral or carbonated water and enticing chocolate biscuits to keep us going during our three hour slot. There are practical exercises to experience and clearly explained background/ theory.  Worth attending...

Sherry - September 2016

I have been to 2 of Penny's 'Love yourself' workshops, for 'women of a certain age'. The most recent one was about goalsetting in my personal life.

I felt that Penny managed the different personalities in the group with poise and humour. She allowed each of us to work at our own pace, even though she kept us moving forward and intervened at appropriate times when we started to procrastinate.

Each of us as worked on our individual goals, but then we were able to listen and contribute when women chose to share their results in the group.

Penny gave us guidance on how to complete the task once the workshop finished and I will definitely go back to future workshops.

Yvonne Stone: Homeopath - August 2016

I attended Penny’s ‘Sutton Awaken Your Inner Goddess’ workshop on Saturday 23 July 2016 at the Holiday Inn, Sutton, where the attendees were looking at how to set personal goals and the techniques we need to use to make them achievable.

I wanted to set some goals to understand where I want to go, where I should be heading and what I should be heading for and the workshop certainly helped me with this.  Just listening to the other attendees, it makes you stop and think ‘yes, that’s where I want to go and how I want to do it’. 

I’m a regular attendee of Penny’s workshops and there is always such a good mix of people from all different walks of life and it’s interesting learning what we each wanted out of the workshop.

I’m now ready to set my goal and now recognise my own limiting belief and with the techniques learnt from Penny, I can move forward and achieve it.

I would certainly recommend Penny Beere from Live Your Dream Life Coaching.  Her workshops are inspirational and worth attending and I would definitely recommend her to friends and family for one-to-one coaching sessions.  Give her a call.

Jane - Sutton, July 2016

Who would have thought that lunch with a friend could answer so many questions! Thank you Penny for listening and helping me find my own answers to questions that have been holding me back for a long time. Watch this space and watch me soar.

Paula - June 15, 2015

Brilliant 30 min session with Penny, I felt amazing after I left and Penny really gave me a boost, just what I needed. Definitely will be visiting Penny again because if I felt like that after half hour imagine what I would feel after a few sessions. Highly recommended

Lucy Eldrige - July 2014

My coaching session with you the other day really gave me the confidence boost I needed

Actually I was astonished that the very next day there was an opportunity to put into practice what we had talked about and it bore fruit.

Thank you so much

A small business owner - London

Life coaching has helped me with my exam , I am much more confident , I am happier , I am more tolerant of other people . Thank you Penny Beere for helping me find the person I alway was and I now have the confidence to just be me.

LR 13 Years Old - Spain

When my life fell apart,

I had to learn for myself how to rebuild it, I went to Penny she gave me all the support and all the tissues I needed. My husband of 32 years had left me; I was totally shattered, in complete denial that this was really happening.

I lost weight didn’t sleep. With Penny’s help I have come to terms to all that has happened. Finally I am back on tract making decisions and changes in my life. Together we worked through the processes of break up.

Coaching gave me the space and time to come out this experience a more confident person. I am now in the position to rebuild my life and business. Penny has helped me to realise that there is life after a breakup.

Jane S - Surrey

My life has simply changed for the better since attending the very first event... ( in fact you would not believe how fabulous I feel in just a few weeks - but I didn't want to scare you!) This is powerful stuff! Amazing things have been happening to me almost every day ! I have had amazing business success overnight! And my personal life is just awesome! I won not one but two kitchen luxury high-tech appliances this week! I drank champagne with people I normally watch on TV ! I was asked out on a date in the middle of the supermarket! Energy that has been stuck for a very long time has been given the freedom it deserves and I am loving every minute ! You simply cannot afford to miss this event! Penny is totally awesome! X

Julia F - Sutton, Surrey

I have known Penny Beere as a friend for approximately twenty six years. Penny is an example to us all and her life journey has, at times left me breathless.

I have always believed in her ability to reach, help and inspire people but never more than when, as a friend, she helped me stay positive whilst going through a divorce. She showed empathy but for me what was most beneficial was her constant reassurance that all would be well.

She also reassured me that it was well within my own ability to recover and live a different but fulfilling and happy life.

When I floundered and rang her in tears or just could not make a decision she was there with a non-judgmental listening ear and just the help I needed.

As a life coach she is now in a position to help others as she helped me.

Thank you Penny

JB - East Midlands

Thank you so much for your help before my visit to the dentist.

I have had a fear of the dentists for many years and fortunately have strong healthy teeth so a check up every 2 years has sufficed! However 7 years ago I chipped a tooth and was told I needed a crown, the fear of this treatment was awful and I made appointments and cancelled them over the years until this year it was hurting and I knew I had to do something. The dentists said have it crowned or go to hospital and have the tooth out! I visited Penny and she listened to me and gave me some techniques that to be honest I was sceptical about! But was going to try anything! But they worked and I got through the drilling without the shaking and never stopped the dentist once. I have no idea how it worked but it did and I want to thank Penny for her help. It really worked for me I still don’t love the dentist but I know I can go and not live in fear of it worrying the week before not eating or sleeping properly. Thanks Penny

Jan M - Sutton

I have had a fear of the dentists for about thirty years, as a result I have to go to a specialist where I get gas and air to calm me, this does not always work. At my last visit my dentist informed me if I could not get myself calmer I would have to go to hospital where they would have to sedate me for any more work to be carried out.

I was explaining this to Penny and she said she maybe able to help, so she gave me some techniques to try before I went and while I was sitting in THAT chair. To my utter amazement and my dentist's, I sat calm as a cucumber and let my dentist do her work. After my dentist asked what I had done, I explained to her what Penny had done and she said well it worked and that I only needed half the gas that I normally have .

When I came out of the dentist’s I wanted to tell the world, I was so happy I was actually telling complete strangers how great I felt!

Thanks Penny, no more sleepless nights or stressful days.

J Mills

When I approached Penny, I had what I thought was "a fear of driving". I wanted Penny's help to remove that block so that I could achieve my goal to drive automatically without my fears getting in the way. And that is exactly what I achieved within only 3 sessions. We discovered that the root of my fear was my lack of confidence due to being put down by others for most of my life, making me feel not good enough. Once this was recognised, that 'block' was then removed instantly. And with Penny's encouragement, she had me going up and down the motorway to prove I could do it. Now there is no holding me back and I absolutely love driving, and the freedom and independance that it gives me!

I would highly recommend Penny to help you achieve your goals in life, and would work with her again if I discover any other blocks holding me back. Penny, as a Life Coach, is very warm, friendly, approachable, sympathetic, understanding and compassionate.


When Penny first asked me to take part as a volunteer in her life coaching course I said I would, with tongue-in-cheek and thought it would be a bit of a laugh, but after a couple of visits in a very relaxing atmosphere and Penny's very calming coaching I found myself thinking about the positives and negatives in my life, my goals and how I could achieve them.

Since I finished the coaching I have built quite a few bridges and find myself a much calmer and a more positive person. I put this down to Penny's encouragement, positivity and all-round support.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Penny as a life coach to my family and friends.

I have changed my attitude to life coaching and can see the benefit it can offer.

Darren James Pavitt

I would like to first point out that I thought I was helping you, by accepting to be a case study, to help you gain experience in life coaching. However from our first meeting I realised that there was so much I could gain from it.

You have a very friendly compassionate way, a willingness to listen, good advice in a non-judgmental respectful manner which made the whole experience pleasurable and therapeutic.

I feel I have gained an understanding of myself that without your help I would have never given it a thought.

Thank you for your time and help.


I have learnt that I can do things that I never thought I had enough confidence to do. Penny has worked on helping me look at things in a different way.

I feel that I now have the ability to try things that I would have looked at before and run away from.

We've spent time sitting and talking about things in my life which, until now, didn't make sense, I hope to now go on to do more work on my reading and spelling.

Penny is very good at listening to me.

Jane Searle

I believe life coaching to be a practice that helps people to set personal goals and provide a framework to help achieve these goals.

Life coaching sessions with Penny, allowed me to set my personal goals and identify ways in which to reach them. I found it was extremely beneficial to have the opportunity to talk through my goals and achievements so far, as it enabled me to focus more clearly on what I have previously achieved and where I want to be in the future. The sessions also gave me the opportunity to express how I see myself and gave an insight into how others perceive me. This has had an impact on how I look at things in my life and given me a different perspective in which to view myself and approach my goals.

Penny provided me with several tools and techniques for me to practice and implement into my daily routine or when I feel is necessary. By equipping me with these techniques I have felt more in control of how I feel and dealing with certain situations. Overall, I found that my life coaching sessions have had a positive effect on my life as they have allowed me to make progress towards reaching my goals, in which I am now equipped with tools to help me achieve them.


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