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On Saturday 6th August, I went to the preview of the Toby Robbins Unleash The Power Within workshop where the amazing, very interesting Amandeep Thind, international speaker and trainer, presented the session.  

Amandeep talked about his humble beginnings; how he started life in India with his parents and his mum had a poverty mindset.  They were extremely poor, they lived in one room and because he his parents are from different parts of India, he never felt he fitted anywhere, he never felt good enough.  

His journey took him to Tony Robbins and from that day on, his life changed; he discovered like many of us, that it’s mindset; it’s what we think about ourselves, it’s looking at our own human needs, what we really, really think about ourselves and how we value ourselves.  He talked about participation and it’s looking about our own values and how active we are.  I did look it up this morning and you what, it’s to do with success and how we think ourselves successful or not successful. 

Success comes from our intended outcome, with success you have to be clear about what you want from life; we are the power house.  He talked about our mind being 10% conscious and 90% sub-conscious and parents being our first mentors; parents condition and programme us.  By the time we are 7-8 years old, so we start limiting ourselves, we put ourselves in this box that becomes a prison but he talked about changing the box, break the state, step into your brilliance.  

He talked a lot about fear and external pressures, opportunities for you to be the person you want to be.  When we say ‘I’m going to this, or this, or this’, they often become the nay-sayerand say ‘I wouldn’t do that’ ‘oh you shouldn’t being doing that’, but he said that the best thing to do is to just smile.  He takes the mickey out of his own culture quite a lot, he laughs at himself and he says that when he was young, he was fat and also his mixed culture, he didn’t know where he sat, so life was very difficult.  He also gave a fantastic example of people who live in Mombai that have good jobs and they say ‘I need to travel, I want to improve myself’ and he says that the aunty says ‘you stay here, you have a really good job here, you don’t need to be travelling the world’ he says that’s because their mindset there.  

He looks at pain and pleasure and this is something that we’ll cover with Tony Robbins.  Always get yourself a mentor or a coach to hold you accountable, well I believe that too that’s why I have a monthly mentor myself. 

It’s about the physiology and the language we use and the physiology is how that language makes us feel and the language we use, so we can change that, we can change the focus.  To give an example when I first got my Alfa, I loved that car but it had problems, everywhere I went I saw Alfas, I still see Alfas because I’d still like another Alfa,.  Anyway, when you focus on something, that’s what you see, that’s what you get.  He gave us meditation exercises, where we stood and we went back to a time where things were bad and painful and stood there with it and stayed there with it and then after a while, he got us to open our eyes and to shake ourselves, then shut our eyes and then go back to a time when something really amazing happened to you and he said be aware of how we were breathing changes, how our body posture changed and that was good. 

Focus on what we buy, focus on what we need - what we focus on expands – that’s the bit going back to where we were before – so when we focus on something it what expands; so if we focus on lack, we get less.  If we focus on manifestation more, we get more.  Then he goes on to talk about the law of attraction, money’s coming, what it is that you really want, what are you focusing on, your successes or your failures.  Then he talks about goal setting, which I’ve done before, about setting a specific goal, put enough detail as possible, make sure it’s realistic but then stretch yourself a little bit more.  So if you want to run a half marathon, then maybe stretch yourself to running full marathon.  

Be aware and don’t compare yourself with others.  My unique starting point and the question is really, before you do anything, is what is your Why?  What your bigger why is, make it bigger.  Who will I serve?  What is my biggest why?  Your goals.  Declare your goals out loud to near and dear ones – they will hold you accountable. 

Then he talked about measuring your progress, so you’re measuring it from how far you’ve come, to how far you want to go.  Then celebrate, obviously.  

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