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I would like to thank everyone who attended my workshop last Saturday, where we looked at Removing Our Limiting beliefs and what it was that was stopping us from moving forward.

There were quite a few breakthroughs in the room; I got everybody to explore whether their belief was a belief, if they believed in it; is this true; how do I know this is true; what proof have I got that this belief is true?

We all pick up these beliefs as we grow up; up to the age of 7, we’re like sponges and we take on everything that we hear and that is said to us, so our beliefs are formed by that age.  We looked at that and then we looked at the psychological feeling of these beliefs; how we stand; how we act; what our body language is; the messages that we say to ourselves in the way of health and wellness.  Then we looked at the different ways of achieving their full potential; exploring who you are; what is my identity. 

Also, we looked at the ‘why’ and how important the ‘why’ is before we want to do anything.  When we want to change something, when we want to make a change, they ‘why’ has to be big enough, what is your purpose; what is your cause and what is your belief behind the ‘why’ or making that change.  If the ‘why’ isn’t strong enough, no matter how much you try to remove a limiting belief, it will not happen and if the goal is too big, you put too much pressure on yourself.

The next session is on the 29th October 2016, 2pm-5pm at the Holiday Inn, Sutton, where we will be looking at goals in a different way; expanding that goal and actually reaching that goal.

Thank you again to everybody who attended the workshop; I am pleased that you could make it. 

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