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Do you have an inner voice that causes you agony, anxiety and insecurity?

Do you live with a distressing situation but tell yourself that ‘it’s always been like this so it’s too late to change’, ‘I’m too old/young to change’, ‘what good will it do’ or ‘I’m scared to make changes’? 

Are you being discouraged from changing and not strong enough to fight it?

Do you have doubts and fears about how you can challenge these beliefs?

Have you ever thought that by challenging these beliefs and habits, you could get rid of your gremlins and lead the life you want and truly deserve?

It might be difficult to believe, but the self-doubt has probably been with you since your childhood and we use it as a security blanket, but the one thing we all have in common is that we do have the ability to take that positive step. 


In my next workshop we shall challenge these beliefs and discover how to eliminate the excuses that stop us from moving forward.  Together, we shall put together short term, achievable goals that will lead you to the life you deserve.  Join on 29 October 2016 at The Holiday Inn, Sutton, 2pm-5pm - £15.00 per person and stop saying you’ll do it tomorrow - do it today - STOP THE EXCUSE & GET ON WITH IT!

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