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A little time ago I was asked to contribute to an article on Dismissing the stigma attached to doing things alone.  I am now proud that earlier this month, the article was published.  

"Dismissing the stigma attached to doing things alone

Penny Beere, who runs Live Your Dream Life Coaching in Surrey, helps to build her clients’ confidence to do things on their own.

She believes that society has a double standard when it comes to women doing activities alone.

“I think it’s a belief system. It’s something that us females were taught from very young that we should be either married or with somebody taking care of us,” she said.

Beere encourages people to face their fears head on. “Once you’ve faced those then anything and everything is possible and then you become more confident in yourself,” she said.

One client, who plucked up the courage to go on holiday alone, loved it so much that she went three times, she said. “Because she was on her own, most people spoke to her,” said Beere.

“She had to get out of her comfort zone and communicate with other people because when you’re at home on your own you can cocoon yourself,” she said. “Every time you do something it stretches you.”

Read it in full here - if there's anything in the article that resonates with you and would want to discuss it further, contact me by clicking here.

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