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I am never one to shy away from wearing makeup, especially red lipstick. Wearing red lipstick for most of us is like wearing high-heels, although I do love high heels, they only get worn on occasions when I can sit a lot of the time. 

My fasination for heels and and red lips comes from my late Grandmother she always wore both for every occasion.

I definitely wear red lipstick. Each morning before I leave my flat I put on my makeup and style my hair. This is who I am.

I have worked in Hairdressing industry for many years,and running my own business, so my appearence is very important to me and my clients. How could I possibly give advice to the ladies I work with, if I don't lead by example. It's great to be in the position to help my hair and coaching clients on their appearence. We often will discuss new styles and how to adapt to what suit's their lifestyle.

There isn’t ONE perfect shade of red for every woman – There are so many gorgeous shades suitable for every skin tone. The objective is to try on as many as possible and look in the mirror, which shade makes you look brighter, fresher, more radiant.

This is the same with Hair styles, lifestyle, shape of face, maintance.

Dare to experiment, don't just wish you could try something new, give it a go.

If I can help you with your hair or makeup let me know

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