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As I sit looking out of my window and when the sun is shining, it’s really hard to talk about the long, dark days of Autumn and Winter approaching, but as they do, many people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder; SAD. 

It is a diagnosed problem and it pulls people down from being quite rational, together and jolly, to being quite depressed and upset about life.  The dark evenings turn from spending a cosy, relaxing evening at home all wrapped up, to time when you feel like a prisoner in your surroundings with no escape and result in feelings of melancholy, irritability and tiredness.  When there’s not enough light, enough daylight, enough brightness in your day, you can become lethargic, lose interest, lose focus and it can affect your eating habits as well as when it’s cold and dark, so many of us want to comfort eat

There are different ways of approaching Seasonal Affected Disorder.

The first thing is if you are able, get yourself out of the front door every day so you get some natural daylight.  If not maybe buy a SAD therapy light; I don’t think they’re too expensive but if you can’t get out of the house, that could be an alternative. 

I always say to my clients, plan your day so you’ve got something nice happening - especially if you’re a lady who doesn’t work, a stay-at-home mum or a retired lady – have a focus each day, whether it’s to meet someone for a coffee, lunch (I know we can’t all do lunch every day - what a shame as that would be great), but meet up with other people. 

Join something; join a club to connect with other people in a similar situation (not in a depressive way), try to start a new hobby, learn something new.  I always find the winter months are the best time to go and learn something new as you’ve got more time and you can practise it at home too.

There are several ways of overcoming SAD; be mindful of what you eat, eat healthily, make sensible choices, don’t deprive yourself, if you fancy a bit of chocolate or something a bit naughty, then have it but try to stay focused, happy and motivated.

But if you’re struggling, I can help you through these days so click here to contact me or call me on 07818 056378.

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