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Success Stories

"Penny has helped me beyond measure! Her warmth, humour and belief is infectious and she helps you to realise that you are capable of achieving anything! Penny really has helped me to find me!!"

"Clare" 8th July, 2014

I worked with a client - let’s call her "Clare".

We never met each other.  All the sessions were over the phone. It was a really lovely way to connect with her. Clare wanted to make changes in her life and her career but really unsure on how to achieve. We worked through all her options and goals.

At that time she was in a really good job and was given the opportunity to promote. At first she did not even want to apply; her feelings of low self-esteem were running overtime.  We worked on her confidence, giving her strategies on how to build this area of her life. She did fill out the application and then went to interview well and you guessed it, she got the job.

So much in Clare's life changed in such a short time, not being able to see her I could really hear it in her voice how she changed about how she felt.



Another client "Jane", came to me as she was really unhappy in her relationship.  It had been a long-term relationship and they were both making each other unhappy. Jane wanted to gain clarity on her life and her relationship; she wanted to take some time out and work through these two areas in her life.

Her background had been very dysfunctional, so she was unsure what was acceptable to her and whether this was something she wanted to continue with.

Jane did decide to part with her partner; she said that it would allow the time to discover what she really wanted from her life.

Also she wanted to change her working hours from full-time to part-time.

The time away from her relationship allowed her to fully discover what it was that she really wanted.

I am very pleased to say they are now back together in a very healthy balanced relationship and she's working part time.

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