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Building the life you deserve

How would you like to feel good about yourself again?

Do you know what’s blocking you?

Could it be fear that is stopping you from taking that first step to a new life?

There are so many stages that you have to go through to be the person that you want to be!

Firstly let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done now to help and support you on your way.

5 steps to a new beginning





Nurture: Take care of your needs which mean plenty of sleep, healthy food, relaxation & exercise.

Find a person who you trust and can talk things through with; not just blaming, but how you feel and your emotions. Don’t talk to everyone, firstly this is very upsetting and keeps those negative feelings going.

Affirmations: Positive statements that you say about yourself, we all find the perfect statements that resonate with us. It doesn’t have to be complicated.” I love and approve of myself “  If this is too difficult to start with. Say “I am enough

Affirmation need to be repeated many times over a period of time not just once, they need to flow through you so you really believe what you are saying.

Next there is mirror work. Some of you may be familiar with this. For those who aren’t this is a very powerful tool to take you forward to loving and approving of yourself.

Forgiveness: allows you to take personal responsibility and the permission to move forward, it gives you choices, a life, let go of the victim mentality and most importantly gives you a life (my personal opinion this the best stage to take), I’m are not saying that we condone what has happened, I forgive and the progress you will make to take you forward to new beginnings, will be truly empowering 

I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love. Louise L Hay


Gratitude: when you allow yourself the time to focus on all that you already have in your life and what you are truly grateful for, there is no time to focus and what you believe to be missing from your life. By focusing on what you haven’t got, you are pushing all that you desire further away. You can’t think about lack when you are focused on gratitude and all that is already here. Have you given much thought to gratitude? You will learn the importance of writing a journal each day.

Again there is so much to benefit from this it’s a real eye opener, as well as open you up to things that you didn’t think possible.

Peace confidence and trust: when you learn how to trust yourself truly and not ask for confirmation on what and who you are from another person. Trust who you  are and you are on the right path to making your own decisions. This builds your new found confidence, gaining inner peace.

For most of us it’s easy to lose confidence as most of us been to the school of life’s knocks.

I am sure you must be asking yourself what qualifies me to take you on this journey of self discovery. I did attend that school of life’s knocks and come out feeling so low that there was very little purpose to my life, let alone like who I was.  So I had a massive mountain to climb to reach this point in my life. Let me help you to cut short your journey, with all that I have learnt on the way.

I am neither too little nor too much, and I don’t have to prove myself to anyone Louise Hay


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