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Ask Yourself

  • What is critical for you to resolve right now?
  • And more importantly what’s going to happen if you don’t resolve it?
  • Are you afraid of what your life has to offer you right now?
  • Do you have the confidence to live alone and know that all will be well?
  • Or would prefer to live with someone who only gives you pain and you sacrifice your own fulfilled life?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • You want more from your life but are unsure as to what that something is?
  • Are you looking back and not forward?

I can give you the skills and tools to take you to where ever you want to be.

I work with you on weekly bases, either face to face, on Skype or over the telephone. In general people like to see me face to face.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your life, speak to me today.

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Life Coach

Penny Beere I am Penny Beere Founder of live your dream life coaching.

It is so important that you find the person who is right for you to help you on your journey of self discovery.

You are now nearer to building a new confident life for yourself


I work with women of a certain age; incidentally this could be any age, women who have lost their way in many aspects of their life due to many factors.

When something major happens in your life you can become unsure of who you are your confidence can become all time low, not trusting yourself to make even the simplest decision. If you were to let this to continue your life will become totally a mess.

I work with what you present to me now and taking what you are showing me and moving you forward to a better life that you are happy in. making those decisions that have been holding you back.

The benefits for working with me is I am passionate about the work I do and the results I can achieve, and I want all women to live the life that they so desire.

I offer solutions to your problems even when you think that it is impossible.

Allow me to help you gain clarity and direction, show you the way forward to a better life.

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